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Raw: unadulterated, unheated; in its natural state; alive

Gaia: the Greek Goddes of the earth; the planet as a single living organism

The most exciting skin care beneficial range the world has ever seen!

Raw Gaia is 100% natural & organic purity for your face, body and soul.

Not just a company with skin care treatment products – we are a way of life for 1000’s

around the world who cherish their healthy skin and the secrets behind it.


A glimmering treasure chest of Earth Goddess inspired healthy skin creating wonders,we

pride ourselves on results.


In fact we guarantee our skin care products will improve your skin, or your money

back, no questions asked...


We don’t use fancy words and steer clear of lab tested manmade/chemical ingredients. All

of our ingredients are easy to understand and pronounce. “If  nature hasn’t named it…. We

don’t use it!”




"So if your looking for year round radiance or suffer from acne,

eczema, rosacea, dry skin, oily skin, problem skin, combination skin

and even worse, then give us a go with 18 trial sizes to choose from,

and if you’ve come to us for the first time, get a FREE trial size when

you sign up to my VIP database , with just a small minimum


Jessica Laura, Raw Gaia Owner.

For those looking for more than just beautiful, radiant, glowing skin...


If you simply LOVE natural skin care products and want to express your passion in line

with your career, then, we have the world’s first Organic Facial Therapist Diploma Training

courses so you can become a Qualified RAW GAIA BEAUTY Organic Facial Therapist after

our intensive training weekend in East Sussex, with no previous

therapist training or experience required.


And get the support you need (we don’t just want you to wander off in a mist of confusion)

for life with great benefits like our...


  • Secret Therapist Facebook group
  • Coaching with the owner of RAW GAIA BEAUTY, Jessica Laura
  • FREE therapist success guide
  • Branded therapist uniform
  • Yearly meet up and amazing discounts on products that turn everyday people into

   glowing Goddesses (and Gods)....


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We urge you to try the products for yourself first and we have every confidence you’ll

wonder how you lived without using your products all your life when you do.


We pride ourselves on ‘natural’ skin care, so be careful about who to trust with your skin as

not every other company can guarantee being 100% natural even if they say they are...


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