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Our range of Superfoods come vacuum packed and full of nutrient packed benefit. With altogether eight to choose from and packed in either 100g or 250g bags, they are the perfect top up for your skin care order and for your body’s nutritional requirements. Research with your intuition to find one that you think will work for you, or try a selection.

Price: £9.99 £4.99
Wheatgrass contains 20 amino acids and several hundred different enzymes not found in other foods. It also contains as many as 92 minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients normally found in the soil.
Price: £5.49
Spirulina is a wonderful, antioxidant enriching nutrient that helps to tone and beautify the complexion of the skin. Taken regularly, it promotes skin glow as well as stronger and healthier hair and nails.
Price: £4.99 £2.49
Maca helps to restore the body’s balance, promotes energy and improves the overall strength of the body. Particularly good at regulating hormonal irregularities such as menstruation, period pains and menopausal symptoms.
Price: £8.49 £4.24
Goji Berries are a delicious, rejuvenating and nutritious treat from Tibet and China. This is a strength-building superfood, packed with antioxidants and vitamin C.
Price: £9.49 £4.74
Raw cacao, aka raw chocolate, is an increasingly popular healthy alternative to regular chocolate. It can help when it comes to losing weight and it makes you feel good too since it’s a natural anti-depressant!
Price: £12.99 £6.49
Camu camu has extraordinarily high vitamin C content. In addition, it has amazing anti-depressant qualities as well as astringent, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, emollient and nutritional properties.
Price: £9.99 £4.99
Barley grass is said to help with a variety of illnesses including arthritis, migraine, asthma, fatigue and gastro-intestinal disorders. Barley grass is also known to help with the immune system, circulation and clear skin.
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